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Sunday, March 7, 2010

New Friends

As our little community grows I am amazed at the wide variety of paper crafters. Many of our new friends are professional women. Many are moms....but there is one new friend that I want to take the time to mention because I want all of you to know this remarkable woman. Some (or most)of you may know her...she goes by "Junebugpins". Her real name is Melissa and she is a military wife and mom. Melissa's husband and two sons are in Iraq. Can you even imagine the heart and soul this woman possesses? I have not stopped thinking about her since I first met her about a month ago. To talk with her is a sheer joy. She is so lively and cheerful. Just an all 'round sweet person.

The reason I wanted to mention Melissa is ...her husband is returning home from his tour in Iraq on the 17th of this month and I want to wish her the happiest reunion with her husband . I hope you can all take just a few seconds to wish them total bliss while he is home. I also want to ask you to take a moment and say a little prayer of thanks for the incredible sacrifices she and her family have made so that we can snuggle comfortably in our beds at night and enjoy the freedom that is America.

Thank you Melissa....thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so proud to have met you . Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.



  1. There are so many families that are living with a family member that is serving in the Military and to get to know the story of one that is so close to us is heart warming. The sacrifice that you and your family make do not go unnoticed and we thank you for it. We pray for your husband and son's safety, as well as the safety of all of those they are serving with. May God Bless your family as you have blessed us with your service.

  2. Melissa, I want to thank you and your family for the tremendous sacrifice you make so that we could live in peace and freedome. I respect and appreciate all that your family does. I pray for your family's strength as they serve and safe return. Have a fabulous time with your husband when he gets home in a couple of weeks!!!

    God bless you and your family and again - THANK you!