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Monday, January 31, 2011

Getting Ready for Day 3

We are almost ready to head out and get day 3 started. Today is the day that we get serious about doing our ordering, and get things done. We do spend the first 2 days scouring the show room floors for new items, old items revisted and making an over all plan as to which direction we are going to go. This year it  has been fun to have Laura with us, as we do see things in a different light when there is a designer in the mix. We are able to all work together and and make sure that we have the best of the best in store for all of you. We will be sure to have the items that she is using, as well as add on items that you can use to let your own imagination soar when working on your projects. We will spend most of today sitting with reps, filling out paperwork and it is really amazing how long that takes to get done.
We have run into a few people who have been fans of Laura's and customers of ours and that is a humbeling to say the least. We appreciate all of you who support our efforts, you are the heart and soul of what we do. Blessings to you all, and enjoy some of the pictures that we have taken.

Graphic 45 Booth
7 Gypsies

Sunday, January 30, 2011

CHA Day One

Wow... After getting off the ground in Seattle a tad bit late we had an uneventful flight and made it to the Hotel only by the grace of Laura's phone cuz the shuttle driver had no clue where we were going and Laura found the directions on her I phone! We headed right over to the convention center and of course went to Tim's booth to see Laura's masterpieces and believe me they are much better in person. Tim was there and we got to get hugs and chat with him for a bit and of course he gushed over Laura and her talent and it is well deserved.

Barrie, Laura, Tim, Carol
There are so many things to see and we have not even seen the half of it, and to day we will make our way around to see more of the items we think we want to bring in. The trend seems to be dresses this year, and we are amazed at the different designs of them. I will try to snap a few pictures of some of them today as we snoop around.
McGill  had some great ideas using all the new flower punches that we just got into the store
And we are loving the BoBunny Timepiece line, which we will be bringing in.
So, not many pictures to share from yesterday, but we are more focused today and will make sure you get a better idea of the things we are seeing and loving !!!
Have a good Sunday, and we are going to make a brave attempt to do another Ustream show this evening at 6pm to give you today's update !!!
Blessings Carol, Barrie & Laura

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two More Wake Ups

Wow only two more wake ups and we are on our way to California!!! There is so much still to do before we go, not to mention packing. We are trying to get all of the orders shipped out by tomorrow as that will be the last day we ship until we return next week. If you have an order that you have not yet paid the shipping invoice on, then can we urge you to do so that we can get it sent out with our other ones tomorrow?
We will be posting pictures and blogging along the way so you can all share in the fun of seeing the new products being released. Most of what we will be seeing are things that will not ship out right away and the only memory we will have are the pictures and the receipt of payment, and from those we will try to remember what it is that we ordered when and which company will ship when and what project we thought we ordered for. Gosh it already makes my mind hurt, but then I am blond and it does not take much to do that !!!
I thought maybe I could get a news letter written for this Tuesday, but I am not sure that is going to happen so we may end up skipping a week on that, but we shall see, I still have a few hours left to try and get that done too. I love doing the news letter and I may not be able to face missing a week.
So, we will be on Laura's show tomorrow, and we look forward to chatting with you all. Looks like she is going to be showing us how to make some fun Jewelry with our papers !! Yippie Skippie
Blessings to you all
Carol & Barrie

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ek Punches Have Arrived !!!

Yippie Skippie The Ek Punches Have Arrived !!!!!
I just love it when both the UPS truck and the Fed Ex Truck come to visit me, it means more great stuff and this time It was really great. We love the new designs of the EK Punches and what we really like about them too is that they are now stackable which makes for great storage in small spaces !!
Check out these new designs

Abstract flower



Pointed Flower

Ribbon Slot

We also received two more Martha Punches

Cherry Blossom PATP Set

Laural Leaf PATP Set

Our order of the Alfalfa Sprout books also arrived and are now available as well as more of other items that were sold out in the store. We will have more of the Cancellation Stamps in tomorrow as well and I will update them as soon as they arrive.
Hope your all having a good week and that you remember to give your smile away to everyone you come in contact with !!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Martha Stewart Punches

Hey Ladies and Gents,
We received our first shipment of the New Martha Stewart Punches and they are so beautiful. I am really having a hard time deciding which of them I like best, and I am sure that both Barrie and Laura  will like them all the best !!!
We only have a limited amount in stock so get them before they are gone !!!

So Far
We have the Bangle Chain Edge Punch

The Punch Around The Page Swirling Lace
(hard to get)

Diamond Fence Double Edge

Punch Around The Page Bubble Bath Set

Garden Gate

Cherry Blossom


And Scroll Heart Deep Edge Punch

Also be sure to check out all of the new McGill Paper Blossom Punches. These are some of the punches that Laura will be using on Friday for her flowers.
Be sure you join our 12 step Punch Aholic Program so that your earning your way to a free punch !! !

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Goodbye to a Dear Friend

Yesterday I sent an email out to one of our regular customers. We hadn't heard from her since Christmas and usually she either places an order or writes us an email at least once a week. So I emailed her to see if she was ok and just to chat in general. Right after I sent that email...within minutes...Carol called me and asks..."have you talked to Ruth lately?" I said that I would give her a call if I didn't hear from her by morning. So ...I got up and sat down with my morning coffee and answered the seventy some emails I had awaiting,,,but alas none were from Ruth. So I called the phone number we have on file only to find it disconnected . I called Laura and asked her if she had talked to Ruth (she had not) and to see if she had a current phone number. Laura hasn't heard from Ruth either so she suggested I "Google" her to try and get a current phone number. Well...there it was... and it hit me in the gut like a boulder...Ruth's Obituary. OMG!! Our Dear friend passed away on Dec 13th ...and we are sad.  We have only known Ruth for the past 6 months...but like all of you ...she was much more than a customer or a follower of the show. She was part of our "family". We have told all of you so many times that you all are very dear to us and we think of you as part of this family...this community of ladies that lead with our hearts. We can only hope we have touched your lives as you all have blessed ours. Ruth definitely brought joy to us in every email. She was always so witty and fun. She loved to tell how her Grandson would help her scrap and how she enjoyed making things for him. She would always have him cut the chipboard for her....We will miss you Lovely Lady....this has been a sad..sad day for us. You will remain forever in our hearts.

    Ruth Yurchuck  1939 - 2010                                                                       

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why we do what we do

I needed to repost this, as it really shows us what a little bit of kindness can mean to someone. You just never know.

I have sort of been out of the loop with major medical emergencies and I had no idea I won anything. Imagine my surprise when I received a package in the mail. Actually it wasn't a surprise, it was a huge blessing, one that I needed in a big way. Let me explain: On Christmas Day I got a call that my Mom was being taken by ambulance to the hospital with chest pains, she was in critical condition. I flew to FL the next day as my Mom was going to need bypass surgery. Upon arriving in FL, I received a a message saying that now my son had an emergency. He had been taken by ambulance to the hospital with severe stomach pain. He had a gall stone that was blocking his bile duct. This was incredibly upsetting as my son was scheduled to have sugery on his jaw in a few days. This surgery had already been rescheduled twice, it was to repair a broken jaw. He would have his jaw wired for 8 weeks with this surgery.
My Mom had a triple bypass on Dec. 29th, my son had gallbladder surgery on Dec.30th. My Mom's surgery was very critical. The dr's kept telling us that she might not survive the surgery. Thank God she did survive and she is doing a lot better then expected.
My son finally had his jaw surgery Tuesday Jan 11th. I returned from seeing him at the hospital and I had this wonderful package greeting me. I was a little confused, I didn't think I had an outstanding order. Imagine my surprise at receiving this. I had been so busy, so concerned for my loved ones that I didn't think about New Year's or any kind of celebration. Wow, the timing could not have been better. I so needed a pick me up, a stress reliever and I received it from you guys. I told you a long story but I wanted you to know how much of a gift you sent me. Thank you for being such givers, you just never know what effect it will have on the receiver. Barrie and Carol, you are blessings!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Scrapadabadoo Punch-Aholic 12 Step Punch Program

Happy Tuesday or maybe Wednesday depending on where you are or when you read this. 
I can not believe that there is only 18 more wake ups to go until we are on our way to CHA !!
I am so excited this year to be not only going with Barrie, but also with Laura. The chance for all of us to be together in one place for 4 days is going to be wonderful. I am sure we will all be lacking in sleep by the time we make it home on the 1st of February, but it will be so worth it. We can not wait to see what the industry has to offer this year, and according to what we hear it is suppose to be even bigger and better than last year. Another bonus is that we are going to be able to see Laura's creations in T!m's booth. From what she has been able to share with us (which is really nothing at all sob sob), she is very excited about the way things are turning out and she thinks she will knock Tim's socks off !!
That's our girl !
I have been working on a little project for each of us to have with us at the show. We took notebooks last year that were decorated, and they came in so handy that I thought I would make each of us one again for this year. They are incomplete right now, as I am pondering some ideas on how to finish them up. Here they are so far and I will post the finished products when I get them done. It is amazing how beautiful you can make a simple composition book look with a bit of papers, lace,some glitter and a few die cuts.

We have gotten most of the New Years prizes sent out and thank goodness that Barrie and I had just about equal amounts to ship so neither one of us was totally overloaded. We have a few left here that we are just unable to find either an address for, or an e-mail address for, so if you are one of the following please send your mailing address to
Judi Neptune
Deanne McNulty
Adell Barry
Carol Hughbanks
Shawn Frank
Diane Phares
We have received so many wonderful comments from all of you and we want you to know that we love you all as much as you love us!!

We know all of you Punch- Aholics have been waiting for this so here it is.

We are kicking off the punch program to coincide with the release of the new Martha Stewart and EK Success punches, on Saturday January 15th. They will be shipping that day, so it may not mean we will have them in the store on the 15th. 
  • We will not do retro active purchases. Only purchases made after this date will be counted toward the free punch program.
  • This may not be combined with any other offer
  • Punches that are on sale do not count toward free punch  
  • You must sign up for this program by e-mailing your name, chat name & Email address to
  • Barrie will keep a file card with all your info, and she will punch your card each time you purchase a punch.
  • All punches are considered one punch... including the PATP (Punch Around The Page) Sets
  • We also ask that you keep track of your punch purchases.
  • Once you have purchased 12 punches you may choose a FREE punch of your choice               valued at $17.99 or less.
  • You will be responsible for the shipping costs on that punch. Free punch may be shipped with an order upon request
  • You must order your free punch within 30 days of your 12th punch purchase.
  • All punch purchases (and FREE punch choice) are limited to stock on hand.
  • Once you have received your free punch, we will automatically start you over until you notify us that you no longer would like to participate.
If you have any questions please contact Barrie at the above e-mail address.
Check the store under "What's New" for all the fabulous punches arriving soon.
We reserve the right to change (or cancel) this program at any time.

So that's the plan and I am sure that you will all have fun seeing what punches you can add to your ever growing stash in 2011. Keep your eyes open for more fun rewards programs to be implemented this year.  We really thank you all for your love and support and we look forward to this year more than you can even imagine !!!
Blessings To you all
Carol & Barrie

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Thank you so very much to all of you who joined us New Year's Eve. We were blown away that we had over 2000 viewers and that one of them was Tim Holtz. I think we should start planning our next one now !!! Once again thank you and congratulations to the winners !! If you have ordered from us in the past, we have your address, and If you have not ever orderd from us please send us your address to .

  1. Helen Bray
  2. Paula Murcurio
  3. Diane Meddaugh
  4. Bunny Constible
  5. Jerri Lantz
  6. Christy Biggs
  7. Jenny Potter
  8. Linda Woolsey
  9. Steven Macari
  10. Deanne McNulty
  11. Diana Caho
  12. Tolunay Velesti Icdulygu
  13. Julie Williams
  14. Seline Price
  15. Doreen Sng
  16. Melinda Koch
  17. Shelia Hinkle
  18. Janice Starita
  19. Margaret Williams
  20. Olga Toro
  21. Leisa Herbest
  22. Robin Brown
  23. Jennie Hall
  24. Cindi Lou Byrd
  25. Dacia Lewis
  26. Elvira Chatzi
  27. Kty Lambert
  28. Brenda Howard
  29. Pam Brooks
  30. Janet Morgan
  31. Jacqueline Jung
  32. Sharon Clay
  33. Tixie Nifong
  34. Debbie Pearson
  35. Debbie Ketcham
  36. Terese Eriksson
  37. Leisa Brown
  38. Esther Ward
  39. Victoria McGrath
  40. Carol Arter
  41. Cheryl Mayashiro
  42. Pam Davis
  43. Catherine Cote
  44. Robin Baker
  45. Marilyn Lewis
  46. Ida Peters
  47. Margaret Anne Moffat
  48. Judith King
  49. Peggy Hallman
  50. Anita Fulbright
  51. Debra Leslie
  52. Courtenay Rivers
  53. Kathy Knoff
  54. Marlene Wilson
  55. Madeline Parish
  56. Heidi Chwala
  57. Adele Barry
  58. Shawn Frank
  59. Sherry Issac
  60. Nancy Hanson
  61. Anita Alexander
  62. Anita Berg
  63. Carol Hughbanks
  64. Rhonda Williams
  65. Cheryl Cramer
  66. June Marie Body
  67. Maureen DuFour
  68. Diana Phares
  69. Willa Cooper
  70. Janet St John
  71. Deanna Lintner
  72. muriel Charlonne
  73. Kathy Yip
  74. Rexann Menz
  75. Di Barcus
  76. Charlene Wale
  77. Chatherine Fenwick Abrew
  78. Xochitl Montano
  79. Twyla Roddy
  80. Diana Naugle
  81. Jill Garvey
  82. Brandy Drewrey
  83. Leslie Grey
  84. Judi Neptune
  85. Karen Cash
  86. Deb Blare
  87. Diana Ridpath
  88. Laura cummings
  89. Connie Howard
  90. Sammie Bryant
  91. Dori Garbut
  92. Cathy Marshall
  93. Susan Romick
  94. Rhonda Plummer
  95. Lana Edwards
  96. Gloria Plunket
  97. Tammie Ward
  98. Darlene Wold
  99. Beverly Bolding
  100. Linda Rice