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Tuesday, July 9, 2013


We hope you all had a blast on the 4th. I always look forward to the fireworks. We have all enjoyed them since we were tiny tots. With wide- eyed wonder we stare at the sky awaiting the awesome display of color and patterns that light up the sky...followed by the huge "boom" that still makes us jump even after all these years.

The poor kitties...this was their first year with all the explosive noise. At the first sharp crack of a cherry bomb they looked at me with eyes as big as nickels and an expression on their face that said "what the heck was that?!" And then they were gone! didn't see them till well after midnight!

The dogs...they just wondered how to get the cats' dinners that were sitting there untouched. They couldn't have cared less about the growing war zone outside.

We have all taken pictures of the fireworks only to be sadly disappointed after having the roll developed and you flip thru print after print of the tiny little blips of light in the center of the photo. You think to yourself..."that isn't what I saw". When we used a commercial photo lab to print all of our photos (before we had our own commercial digital printers) we would see roll after roll of prints come thru the lab and see the disappointed looks on the customers faces as they eagerly looked thru their prints.
Well...this made my hubby David really interested in capturing the images you see when the pyros show off their skills. The hardest part is you only get twice a year to practice and learn how to get great shots. Over the years he has really gotten good so I thought I would share some of my dear hubby's photos with you.


Pretty fun...huh?

Barrie & Carol