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Sunday, May 12, 2013

A Little Help from My friends

I dont' know how to express my feelings in words.But I will say you ladies are the most amazing bunch of gals on the planet and I love you all dearly.

A few weeks ago tragedy struck my very dear friend JoAnn. Her beautiful home suffered a terrible fire and she lost everything. That in itself was bad enough but JoAnn volunteers her time and supplies to teach papercrafting classes in her area schools ,grades 1-6. She also lost all of her supplies. Years and years of collecting supplies were gone in an instant. This is the time of year when she has all the kids make Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts and cards. She had classes scheduled for May 2,3,8,9& 10. When she said to me " I don't know what I am going to do...if I can't do the classes I have committed to and I have to let the kids down...that  will push me over the edge"
Here is my beautiful friend who has just lost everything and she is worried about letting the kids down! I had to do something!!
So I made a few calls. One was to Sizzix and they stepped right up and sent her a demo machine. Alright!...That was easy! So I asked Laura (Follow The Paper Trail) if she would make an announcement on her show that Friday nite. She told JoAnn's story on her live UStream show and asked the viewers to help by sending anything they had extra in their scrap supplies to JoAnn so she could keep her commitment to the kids.
Well the emails poured into me asking for her address so they could send her some boxes of scrap supplies. By Monday boxes had gone out in the mail and by Wednesday they were showing up at JoAnn's doorstep. Box after box arrived filled with everything she could possibly need. She was so happy! She was going to be able to keep her classes for the next day!
JoAnn went and held all her classes last week and so far this week and the kids got to make their Mother's day gifts and cards. The kids just love her to pieces. She even has all the boys decorating their boxes and making cards to go in them. She has each student decorate a box that she and her friend frantically worked to cut out and assemble the day before. And the kids each made 4 cards to go in the box to give to their Mom's for Mother's Day.One little boy told JoAnn "Mrs. are funner than recess" That just about says it all.

I can't thank all of you enough. You jumped into action to help a total stranger and help them to help others. But most of all your love and kindness touched the heart of someone who desperately needed it at that moment and you all helped her to get thru one of the toughest times of her life.
You ladies are amazing and I am so, so proud to have you all in my life. Thank you...thank you...
Thank You! from the bottom of my heart!

In just a few short days boxes and boxes started to arrive from all over.

Enjoy some pictures of the happy and creative kids.

First graders so busy and quiet you could hear a pin drop

A very happy young lady
Moms will be so proud of their budding young artists
Busy, busy.

JoAnn and her friend Terry worked day and night making hundreds of boxes for the kids to choose from

This mom has a lovely Mother's Day gift coming to her
And so do many other Moms and Dads on Father's Day because of all the wonderful things you all sent to help JoAnn.
Thank you again and again
I love ALL of you dearly
Big ...HUGE Hugz,