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Monday, December 31, 2012


Kay Pierce, USA                                Eclips Pack  
Norma Edith Aguilar, Mexico           3 CHA Kits 
*** Laura Seki, Canada                            Mini Scorboard 
Linda Strawn USA                             Graphic 45 Pack 
*** Kerri-Jo Sharp, USA            Best Glue, Embelly Jelly, Perfect Pouch 
***  Jill Brogden U.K.                 Quick Dry Adhesive and Miracle Tape
Sherry Friis, Canada                           Score Tape Pack
Barbara Petro', Italy                           TH Pouch and Ideology 
Darlene Iverson, Canada                    Sunkiss Pack 
*** Sandy DeFrain, USA                          Mini Score Board 
*** Terry Sampson USA                          Card Maker mat and adhesive eraser 
Darcie Spruance, USA                       Card Stock Pack 
Loreta Rose, USA                               Craft Knife and Blades 
Tracy Foster, UK                                Pumpkin album set 
*** Elisabeth ten Voorde, Netherlands    Best Glue, Embelly Jelly, Perfect Pouch
Nicole Yeo, Singapore                       Guilders Paste Set 
Barbara Young USA                           Embellishment Pack
Jan Fenton, USA                                 TH Book Pack 
Karen May, USA                     Finished and signed Imagine Album 
Alice Orosco,USA                              Pumpkin Mini Pack 
Isobel Beaty-Clarke UK                     Sunkiss Pack 
Joanne Hunt UK                                 Embellishment Pack 
*** Pernilla Unger Sweden                       Card Maker mat and adhesive eraser 
Sheila Randel, USA                            TH Tote Pack 
Michelle Peters, Canada                    Score Tape Pack 
Brenda Dillavou USA                        TH Book Pack 
Jan Burdette, USA                              TH Pouch Pack 
Victoria Daniel USA                                      Guilders Paste Pack 
Dawn Waldron, England U.K            Pumpkin Mini Pack 
 Linda Myers, USA  Score                 Tape Pack 
Ashliegh Hepinstall USA                   Card Stock Pack 
*** Robin Carpenter, USA                       Card Maker mat and adhesive eraser 
         Cheryl Stowe                    $25 Laura Dennison Design Gift Certificate
*** Dana Powers, USA                             Quick Dry Adhesive and Miracle Tape 
Jo Anne Mason, USA                         Craft Knife and Blades 
Catherine Fenwick Abrew, USA        Graphic 45 Pack 
Wendy Hutchings, USA                     Scallop Teardrop Punch Set 
Colleen Dwyer USA                           TH Pouch Pack 
*** Sue Frederickson, USA                      Quick Dry Adhesive and Miracle Tape 
*** Eunice Tooley USA                 Best Glue, Embelly Jelly, Perfect Pouch 
*** Peggy Robinson, USA                        Mini Score Board 
Janice bailey USA                              TH Book Pack

Marie Smith                              $25.00 Laura Gift Certificate
Monica Rondon, USA                        Irongate and Flourish Punches

Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Merry Christmas To ALL...

I just wanted to take a moment to wish you all a wonderful Holiday filled with the love and joy of family and good friends. And more important...have a very safe holiday.

While all of you are busy with food and festivities...we here in Hawaii will be working overtime to make the most of the hoards of visitors coming to the Islands for some sun & fun. We always work our way thru the Holidays. Tourism has been in such a slump for the past several years that we are anxious to take advantage of the crowds. I just hope they are in a spending mood!
The weather is promising warm and sunny for the duration so they will all be smiling!

Dawn is taking a little break. She has her kiddos eagerly awaiting Santa and they have to get cookies made and the chimney swept. We will be seeing more of her lovely creations after we get back from CHA...
...And speaking of lovely creations...I received the most beautiful mini album from LeQuita. It is so beautiful and stuffed full of pages and pockets and tags and mats. I will be putting up pictures for you all to drool over ...probably tomorrow. So please check back to see her festive creation. I can't even believe she made it for me!!!

We will be around thru out the weekend and Christmas Eve and Day...or at least I will. Carol has lots of family functions to attend. I will be answering emails and your orders will process thru the store but Carol will not be sending shipping invoices until after Christmas Day when normal shipping resumes. She also has extra help to speed thru packing and shipping so we won't get backed up and all the orders that come in over the Holiday weekend will get shipped out in good time. Please remember to leave a note if you have multiple orders to combine for shipping.

New Year's Eve is barreling down upon us. And that means so is Scrap Bash! This year will be a little different that the previous years. This year we are only doing a New Year's Eve show. There will not be a Hangover party on N.Y. Day. Kathryn and Mr.LG have plans for the evening and they will be out pretty late. So we will all just party in the New year with Laura. We will be giving away prizes from Laura , Following the Paper Trail, and from our store Scrapadabadoo...but it will not be as elaborate as last year. We will have some really nice prizes...Laura will be giving away a brand new "eClips" electronic cutter by Sizzix. This is the top of the line e-cutter on the market today and some lucky winner will have this shipped right to their door. Thank you Laura for such and amazing prize donation. We will have several prize bundles both Laura and I will be giving away some of our favorite order to get in on the action you will need to sign up over on the Bash Blog  YOU MUST READ AND FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY OR YOUR ENTRY WILL BE DELETED and you will need to re-enter. PLEASE remember to enter your COUNTRY of residence or your entry will be deleted. So hop on over and sign up. There are already over 500 entries.
I think we are going to have lots of fun...Plus...You never know who will be dropping in to say "Hi"

So all my lovely scrappy pals...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL...
                                                            ....AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT!

Luv & Hugs,
Barrie & Carol

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Heavy Hearts

We send our thoughts and prayers to all of those in Sandy Hook Ct who have lost a loved one in such a tragic event. It is unbelievable that something like this can happen and that there are now 20 families who's children are gone, and will now face the unbelievable process of laying them to rest. We also pray for those who are the first responders, and those who are dealing with the aftermath. The imagine of this will forever be in their hearts and on their minds. Most of them are from that community and know the families or have children who have lost a friend. No one there is unaffected by this. Even our lives will be forever changed, we will hug our children and grand children tighter  and we will always have the question of why . For that there will never be an answer. We may not live in their community or know them personally, but we all feel the loss and the sadness of what has happened.  We can all do one simple thing, and that is to send a card to the school so that the people there know how much we care. It is a simple thing that could mean so much.
Blessings to you all

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Drive
Sandy Hook, CT 06482

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quick and Easy Gift Card Holders

Hey all, Carol here and as promised here are the additional pictures to make the gift card holders
I used the Sizzix Gift Card Die
Along with Ranger Archival ink, Stamps from My Stash, Ribbon, Glue Stick, a Tag Punch, A die from the Lifestyle Crafts Label It Kit and of course Scor Tape.
Cut One Gift Card from Die
Cut 2 Pieces 4 1/4" x 2 3/4"
Cut 1 Piece 2" x 4 "
Cut Top Flap out with Die
Ink all edges if desired prior to assembly
Run One of the 4 1/4"x 2 3/4" back through to cut out the
Glue to base, lining up the two flaps

Glue the other
4 1/4" x 2 3/4" to back of base
Glue Top Flap on to Base

Glue the 2"x4" Piece to inside of Gift Card
Cut Label out and stamp Sentiment of choice

Glue to front of gift card and add a to/from tag with ribbon or twine
Insert Gift Card and your done !!
They were quick enough that I made 4 in less than an hour !
Thanks for peaking !



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quilted pattern tutorial

Hello Crafters! Dawn here again. Remember the tutorial I promised? Here's how simple and easy it is to create!
I used the Martha stewart scorboard and envelope triangle assessory stored in the under-side of the board.
For instructional and turorial purposes I'm using plain white cardstock and marking with pencil so you can see the steps easier. I just grabbed a scrap from my desk which measures 4 1/8"x11". This will work with any size paper you will only have to adjust your grid size/ scor distances.

Step 1: align your paper with the edge touching both the triangle piece and left edge of the board.
I scored at each 1,2,3,4,5 inch mark. You could scor at smaller or larger sequins depending on the size of grid you want.
Step 2 : rotate your paper and line up your edge with the triangle again and your last scor mark at the 6" line. Scor down the remaining portion of the paper.
Step 3: flipping your paper over with previous scoring now at a horizontal position repeat steps 1 & 2 on the backside.
This will complete the quilted pattern!
I told you it was EASY! 
Tip: if you want all the scor marks to be raised on the same side you can rotate your paper to line up with the grooves on the board and re-scor the first side lines. This is tricky as you have to be sure it is straight. An easy way to ensure this is just use the final grove on the right side of the board.
Now for the rose technique I used on the same layout!
There are many flower punches available to create your own roses this is just 1 possibility.
Using my 5 petal flower punch I started with 4 pieces.
The base petal I left original other than using my emboss tool by rolling on a mouse pad to soften the paper and break the fibers . The next petal is the same as base flower but I then rolled back the tips slightly using my slotted quilling pen.
the 2nd petal I snipped between the petals slightly. (about 1/8 inch on this size flower) Using my emboss tool I rolled my flower on my mat till it cupped up around my pen then curled the tips back. The center flower is the same as the 2nd but I pulled in 3 of the petals to create a triangle and pulled back the others slightly.
I glued with just a small dab in the centers of each flower off-setting the petals so I could still shape the petals once assembled.
I snipped off a pearl from some trim I had laying on my desk and the rose was complete.

Thanks for stopping by once again and I hope you all
Have a Happy Crafty Day!
Dawn / Scrapadabadoo!

Layout using Webster's Pages "In-love" collection.

Hello Crafters! Dawn here again to share a quick layout using the "In-love" collection kit by Webster's Pages. The collection title is so fitting for these papers because I'm in love with them.
Lets get to a few details:
For the base layer I Cut a 4 3/8 x 12 piece from the green music note paper and a 1/4 x 12 strip from the dark brown music note paper. Using the Martha Stewart scor board I created a quilted pattern on the Green paper. I scored at each inch mark but you can make yours any size. (tutorial to come!)
After stitching a 1/4 border I began layering my photos and elements to accent. One of my favorite things about Webster's Pages is on the back side of all their papers where they print the sheets information is a great border strip. I love to use these as part of my layouts. You can see a hint of one of those pieces just under my lower photo.
Now a few close-ups and brief descriptions.
I cut several leaves using the five smallest dies in the Spellbinders Foliage Two set.
 For this layout I used a scrap piece I had from Websters ParkDrive collection. The large flower is from Petaloo.
 The the green flower is a loose Prima blossom from my stash and the center from the Websters orange sunburst trim. Using a 5 petal flower punch I created accenting roses (future tutorial). The pearl trim is part of the collection pack. Large pearl is from the misc. embellishments in the scrapadabadoo store.
The branches are from the Spellbinders Cherry Blossom set. The photo corner is from the Lifestyle crafts corner it kit.
Using a piece of burlap I stamped the sentiment from the 7gypsies "journey" collection and fringed the edges. I adheared using scor tape and simple used a black Micron pen and added the fuex stitching to matched the backgrund.
 I also added tiny pearls to all the intersections of the green quilted pattern.
OK so Lets take another look at the finished layout.
Hope you enjoyed this quick breakdown of the layout!
Stay tuned for a future post as I will give detailed information on the quilted pattern and the accenting rose.
Have a Happy Crafty Day!
Dawn / Scrapadabadoo!
Supplies Used:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Poem From Racho0133

Altered Poem from Racho0133 work
It started with a shoebox
Some bits of card & glue
But then I saw the latest hauls
I needed charms and buttons too

It started with a shoebox
And then it lost its top
As new supplies grew some more
With each new Ebay bid

It started with a shoebox
Extending to a shelf
My family sighed and shook their heads
At my deteriorating wealth
I then saw Laura and Scrapadabadoo
They got me hooked
And so Barrie and Carol
Gilders Paste will just have to do

It started with a shoebox
That spilled onto the floor
I need to use the spare room
Because of course I need some more

The spare room now needs storage
A place for brushes, paint and ink
And perhaps it isn’t ideal
To use the kitchen sink

And so, I start my projects
But just haven’t got the things
To finish up my latest tag
I NEED those grungeboard wings!

It’s hardly worth the shipping
I need to make a list
And so I add some stickles
And the latest glimmer mist

Then of course I check the price
Of Scrapadabadoo’s whats new
Oh look, I never saw before….!!!
oh my, my collection just grew

The postie brings another parcel
Dabbers & sparkly things
But I’ll have to shop again tonight
I forgot the blessed wings!!!

I buy another from their shop
I do deserve a treat
Adding up the cart I ask
Do I really need to eat?

I need another paper set
Perhaps another Ranger spray….
But look I found an offer
7 Gypsies Printers Tray!

Now tell me in all honesty
Can you pass the gilders paste?
All that lovely colour
Never goes to waste

I’m kind of stuck on what to do
So I watch a Laura class
I knew I needed something else
To make my mojo sass

There’s a craze for making album boxes
I NEED to try them out
A trip to Scrapadabadoo should be
Enough to sort me out

I know I need all my stash
And ten of everything
What if it was discontinued?
I’d be mad I’d waited then…

It started with a shoebox
But I needed more and more
The spare room floor might fall right through
And I’ll never shut that door!!

So, what happened to that little box?
I know you’ll want to ask
Well I thought I didn’t need it
But altered shoebox –it’s my next task!!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thank You

Thank you all for the wonderful comments left on my room. For those of you that want to move in, I do think that it would be a bit crowded but anytime you are in the area I would love to have you come and craft with me. I have actually put it to use doing a 1 year baby album for my soon to be great nephew (and forgot to take pictures)  and then made all of my personal Christmas cards. Of course it also comes in handy for making the little thank you cards (which I make all the time)  and sometimes I just go in and stare at it, as I still can't belive how wonderful it really is.
I did ask Dan if he would be willing to let me loan him out and he just kinda grined and shook his head no. The planning and building of this one took most of 9 months and I am sure he would get a bit home sick in that amount of time, and because he is my best friend I would miss him too. Although if there are any of you that live in Alaska and have a charter fishing business I am sure he would be willing to negotiate !
We have winners for the distressed Seasonal Stains. Of course this was done the best way possible and that is I wrote down each of your names on a piece of paper, cut them into strips and let Dan pick the winners. We started with Winter, since that is the current season, then spring, summer and fall.
Winter : Debbie Brackett
Very nice craft room. I love it.
Spring :Marksgran
Your hubby has made a great job of your room and you've made a great job of organising it all. It's beautiful Carol and I wish you many many years of fun creating in it.
Summer: Katina
Love your new studio/scrap room heaven! Once your industrious
hubby gets done then I want to borrow him to redo mine!!
Fall: Cheryl
 Wow!!! Now, that is one fantastic scrap room and
 what a sweet hubby you have! Enjoy your time in your new room. :)
If you are one of the winners please e mail me your shipping information by Friday Nov 30th.
Congrats to all the winners and keep the comments coming in as you never know when Barrie or I will want to pull a goodie out of the bag and send it your way !

Friday, November 23, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope you all had a wonderful day filled with the Love and Joy of family and good friends.
Today ...of all a day to count the blessings in your life. A day to reach out and embrace those dear to you and to take a moment to help those you don't even know. It is a time for many ways... the food banks are all active and many of the charities kick up at this time of year and you see the Salvation Army volunteers ringing their bells ,urging you to deposit that change into the red cauldron instead of your pocket. But giving doesn't always have to mean something tangible...take a moment to offer a smile to someone or hold the door for the next person. Yes even just the smallest act of giving is all it takes to make someone's day a little brighter. And any act of giving just feels good deep in your heart...Such a simple gesture may be all that is necessary to turn this world around.

And speaking of all know how we love to give stuff away...This Sunday Carol will be drawing names from the comments on her new Craft Room. There have already been lots of comments and there is still time to get in on the goodies.
There will be 4 chances to win. The prizes are a set of the new Tim Holtz Seasonal Distress Stains.
One name for each Seasonal Set, Spring,Summer, Fall and Winter. Each set consists of the three seasonal colors. So go take a peek at Carol's beautiful new custom built (by her wonderful hubby Dan) Craft Room and leave a comment. Post is dated Nov. 13th. You will have until 12 noon Pacific time to leave your comments. Carol will enter your name in the bucket and she will be drawing the names on Sunday evening. The winners will be posted Monday morning with instructions to claim your treasure!
So make sure to leave your comments!

I have one last thing before I drop into my bed! I thought you all might enjoy a little giggle. Kathryn sent this to me a while back and I darn near wet my pants laughing. Click on the link to this short little clip ...and smile!

Goodnite All,
We are truly blessed to have all of you in our lives.
Luv & Hugs,
Barrie & Carol

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Serenity Card kit ideas

Hello Crafters! Dawn here again to share with you a few more cards.
Bo Bunny puts together some really great card kit packs. We all have those moments where we have a Birthday, Anniversary, sympathy, thinking of you situation arise where we need a card quick. These card kits  are perfect for those occasions.
I loved all the designs the card kit suggested to create the cards. They were beautiful designs. I want to show you a few additional ideas with the same kit. I only added a few items from my stash.
These are my finally 8 cards I came up with.

When you open your kit you will find 8 die-cut cards with white interiors and matching envelopes. There will be your accessory paper embellishments, chipboard embellishments, some rub-on sentiments and an instruction sheet. You can follow these instructions or mix it up as I have.

For this card I used all the elements supplied in the kit and only added a few pop-up dimensionals on the upper petal and a perfect pearl dot on the center of the flower. The sentiment is from the rub-ons in the kit.

For this card I used one of the base cards and added the circle which I cut from the 6x6 paper pad. The bird is a Sizzix die I first cut in chipboard and then another paper from the 6x6 pad. The tiny added green under the wing is using the exterior paper (scraps) from my circle sheet to give depth. I cut the tag 
from black cardstock using the Spellbinders fancy framed tag one set. I used the interior off cuts of this tag to give my bird feet. I bent a few gold heart shaped paperclips to match my wing and added 6 gold flatback pearls.

This card is using more elements in the kit. I only added some Webster's trim under the chipboard base piece. Accenting with tarnished brass and tumbled glass stickles on the lanterns.

This card is as the kit shows! I loved it so I only added a smaller black cardstock piece to give the lantern more dimension and tumbled glass stickles as an accent.

For this card I actually used the back side of what is suggested. I liked the solid blue waves. I added some black lace out of my stash and then layered some more of the elements in the kit.

This card is almost as suggested in the kit. I chose not to cut my edge and add the scallop border or the thin black strips. I did add some perfect pearls to the center of my flowers and the sentiment at the bottom using the rub-ons supplied.

For this card I used more of the elements in the kit and only needed to accent with a little stickles on a few lanterns an perfect pearl in my flower center.

This last card uses more elements from the kit. I only added some ivory lace from my stash to ground my flourish. Some more perfect pearls to the flower centers and it's complete.

Stay tuned for more great ideas and craft projects!

Have a Happy Crafty Day!

Supplies Used: