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Friday, January 31, 2014

I Promised Some News

Ok..Hold on to your seats! Tomorrow is the day...Finally...After 10 months of chasing these!
The Treat Bag Dies from Lifestyle Crafts are finally in...well almost. The UPS tracking says they will be in on Friday...That's TODAY!
This is the large Treat Bag that Kathy from Paper Phenomenon used back in April and we were able to get a few but then they have been back ordered ever since.

So ...if you have been waiting for one of these...they are here today. Carol will put them in as soon as they are inventoried...Now I can get mine back. I sent mine out to a dear customer...

See you all for Scrappy Bowl at Kathryn's Classroom on Sunday.

More peeks over the weekend
nite all,
Barrie & Carol

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stuff Starting to Trickle In!!! Oh My!!

We have had a little calm before the all heck is breaking loose! The new stuff from CHA is starting to ship and ...well...I didn't think we bought much...HA! But we did!!!  I am so glad the shipping dates are staggered or we will have palettes of stuff in the street with no shelf space for it.
I can't wait to see the new Lindys and the Petaloo. 
We also have new IO Stamps and dies that are due in on Monday or Tuesday so watch for the Newsletter.

Zandra showed the new little Bows we got as a treat from Cheery Lynn and those should be in on Sat or Mon.. They are so cute and so easy and fast to make...Now your Bows will always match your paper.

Speaking of paper...Bo Bunny is shipping as we speak. Actually it was ready last week but I never got the message...went to cyber-space I guess! is on its way. That is going to be a huge hit. I think all of the gals will use is so gorgeous and has lots of butterflies.

FabScraps is also due in on Wed. We could not decide on which ones to get so we got it all! And then there is Kaisercraft from the same distributor and they have some beautiful paper that I think Jim "The Gentleman Crafter is using. Stay tuned to his blog for his upcoming projects

I will post some pictures tomorrow of the new stuff coming in and tell you about some other exciting things happening. I go late tonite but I just wanted to show some of the yummi -luscious colors coming from Lindys. These are the FLAT colors with no shimmer...just intense saturated color. We also got some of the "Just Shimmer" sprays so you can add the shimmer where you feel the urge.

These are just a few of the Lindy's Flat colors that are coming... aren't they FABULOUS!!!

More peeks tomorrow and some really good news that some of you already know...but I will save it for tomorrow when I have an exact delivery date.
Nite all,
Barrie & Carol

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Home...Safe and Sound!

Well...we made it home! All safe and sound without much trouble...except poor Kathy. She got stuck in Texas overnite, due to bad weather.
We had a lovely time. Saw lots of pretty things and way over spent...but heck...that's nothing new! My doggies were so excited to see me...I just had to let them bounce and lick and whine until they were done. There was no calming them down. They do not like it when Mommy or Daddy goes away.

I'll show a few things tonite before I head to bed and then go thru all the pictures and put up more tomorrow. Carol put up lots of the pics on FB...I think she liked playing with my phone.

We did get plenty of the new TH scissors and the new Spellbinder tool that cleans out the little pieces from your dies and die cuts.
And for those who saw Claire's segment on the New Year's Eve Stream-a Thon with the Indigo Blu Metal Flakes...YES!!! we got them! They will ship out in the next few months. They are waiting on approval to ship the Flitter Glue to the U.S. I think we will have loads of fun with this product. Here is the tag I made...and it was so easy!


Everything you need comes in a starter kit. Then you can get different color mixes of Flakes. Of is so hard to choose because they are all GORGEOUS! The one I used on the Butterfly is called "Morris Dance" and it is a mix of gold , green, copper and a sprinkle of silver.
This company also puts out some lovely stamps that work well to show off the beauty of this product.

I'm sure Kathryn and Zandra will be showing and demoing this as soon as they get back to streaming.
We also loaded up on some Lindy's Stamp Gang products. I think we got in 9 colors to start and we will add more colors down the road, So...if we don't have the one you want...just ask!
Well gang...I'm pooped. I'm headed to bed. I will be back tomorrow with more highlights of our trip.
Nite all,
Barrie & Carol

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Little more Bo Bunny

I promised a little more Bo are some snippets of some of the other collections. I will wait and get pics of their display boards where they have it all spread out and I can get it in one picture.
Here is a little taste of  Modern Miss, Pop Quiz and Baby Bump. All three of these are splendid. The others are so cute but I do want to see them in person.

Modern Miss


Look how adorable this Mini Album is!

Here is a wee bit of Pop Quiz


This Mini Album is so cute and so versatile.

And here is another one of those yummy Ephemera packs. Look at all the amazing goodies in there!


Baby Bump can be used for lots of themes. Boy ...girl...keeping logs of the "bumps" progress. Or just a Baby Book, It is so lovely.

There seems to be a touch of black used lately to create contrast and drama against the pastel colors. I am really liking the look of it.

Well ...I hope I have awakened your curiosity. We have already started putting orders in so we can get a jump on shipping.
I only have one more day till I leave for LA...I'm getting excited. This is my one time a year that I get to hug and hold my bestie  Carol and this year there are some extra treats cuz we get to meet Gerriann, Zandra, Ashleigh (I think) and we get to par-tay with Jim , Kathryn and Kathy.
Also this time we get to meet Beach Mum in person...Kathryn's mom and her sister...Liz. Of course it is always wonderful to see Mr LG...Kathryn's hubby Alan. He is so cool. He never minds just being one of the girls and hanging out. He is so much fun to have around...always "one-upping " us and keeping us on our toes. Such a great guy.

Ok guys...I am off to bed and I will see what new goodies I can post one last time before we head off to CHA.
Good nite...sweet dreams...
Barrie & Carol

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Got The Ok To Show...

It has been so hard to keep the new Bo Bunny under wraps...but this morning we finally got the "GO" and we can show it. I love some of these collections,,,and the new Ephemera Pack are genius....LOVE THEM!!!

This is personal favorite!

And look at these new Ephemera packs...woohoo!

I only posted the highlights of the collection.
It is late so I will get the other lines on here in the morning. This should just tease enough to want MORE!!
See y'all tomorrow,
Barrie & Carol

Monday, January 6, 2014

More Really Cool stuff

Many of you are excited about the new Karen Burniston dies with Elizabeth Craft. I know when I first saw them I couldn't wait to see how they worked. I am a card maker more than anything so you know I will grab these for the store.
Here is a link for some wonderful videos that show how to use these dies to make amazing cards. These mechanisms can also be used for interactive features in your mini albums as well. We'll have to ask some of the ladies to try one or two in a project.
There are three demo videos on this site. Enjoy. I hope you like these as much as I do! Just click here and enjoy all three demos for the new dies >   Pop Up Die Demos
A few other things that might get you all giggly are the new Tim Holtz Stencils. There are a few lines of stencils that we will be bringing in and some new paste that I think you are going to love. And I can't promise this but I think you will be seeing more from me in the months to come. If the new paste is all I think it will be...well lets just say...I'm gonna get messy!
And lets not forget these. I love me some longer blades. Not that I don't like the other scissors but if you have to cut a sheet of 12x12 all you can do are little choppy cuts. These new 9.5" blades should whack right thru to the end!
And before I head to bed I just had to sneak in this pic. This is going to be such an awesome collection. G45 always get it right...don't they?
With so much beautiful stuff coming in to the store...I better ask Carol if we can have a big sale while we are away at CHA so we can make room for it all. What do you think?
I better get to bed. Got lots to do to get out of here in three days.
Hugz to all,
Barrie & Carol

Saturday, January 4, 2014

No Rest For These Gals...

Well the tree is dismantled and the decorations are stowed and just when we think we can sit and relax for a!!!
Most people think of "vacation" as white sand beaches, sunshine and tropical drinks. To me "vacation" means hustle and bustle, papers and glue, Glitter and tools...etc...Yep...CHA!!! As Carol points out  ..."this is our vacation"...and she is so right. There is no place else I would rather go to have a blast. To go somewhere and have all the goodies you could ever imagine right at your fingertips. It is the world's largest "craft room"...and we are there with all our friends. Oh ...what could be finer??
Some of the things that are trickling in to get us all revved up are looking mighty nice. I think we will be coming home with truck loads of goodies...or at least orders for goodies.
Here are a few things I know you will be dying to get your hands on...I know I can't wait.
This is just a smidge from Prima. I love that they have the covered wire. I had gotten some of this at CHA a while back but we never really showed it. I was crazy for it then so I am so glad someone picked up on it. Oh Boy!!! Are we gonna have some fun!

 And Julie Nutting now has dies for the dolls...right up my alley! Don't worry...we'll get plenty!
And what could be any better than a Spritz that will also Splatter. Yes the sprayer has a Splatter feature! Oh My!!! I am in so much trouble. I don't like Mists...but give me Splatters any day!!!

This new collection from Prima looks like it will be gorgeous. They have lots of beautiful collections coming out
Many of you have been asking for here is some new from Petaloo that look very interesting. I love Kraft in anything!

So what do you think so far? Pretty neat...huh? I will try to keep you in suspense with new posts so you can see some peeks of the stuff we will be seeing in Anaheim.
We have wish lists started so PLEASE email us with your wishes for the new season. We want to hear from all of you if there is something you see that you want us to bring in ...or at least give it  a closer look. We will be posting from CHA. Carol will keep Face Book buzzing I'm sure.
Of course! ...we know you want the new Graphic 45! Who doesn't???
But please send us your wish list and we'll do our best to make everyone happy as clams.
Nite all,
Barrie & Carol