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Monday, February 22, 2010


I just read Barrie's post and I am humbled and blessed by her words. I too had a vision once, and that was to open a scrapbook store, one where women could come, feel at home, and enjoy their scrapping pleasures. Well, the dream came true, and I opened my store. It was wonderful, fun and I met a ton of really great people. Then the economy started to change and we had to face the reality that we were a pleasure purchase, and people were really cutting back on buying scrapbook supplies. After many months of painful discussions my husband and I decided to close the store. There were tons of tearful good-byes and so many hugs that I knew that even though we were only open for a few years, we had made a difference, and that my customers had made a difference in me.
Just after closing the store, my mother was diagnosed with cancer, and because I was home now, I was able to be with her during everything she had to go through, radiation,chemo, surgery. I spent two years taking care of her, and watching her get well again! So then the search began as to what direction I wanted to go, what did I want to do. I knew I had crafting in my blood and that I needed to do something in that industry. I was working part time for a friend, doing some listings for ebay and also doing some designing, but it just didn't seem like the fit for me. But during that time, I was introduced to Barrie and that was when I felt that I would find the place I wanted and needed to be. Barrie is so loving and giving that I knew we would work well together and we would have the same visions as to how we wanted our future to be.
Yes we are just getting started, and we have so many visions of what we want to do, and all the things we see happening but as we begin this journey, we above all else, want our customers to know, that your not just someone who comes to purchase from us, but that we cherish you, and we want to get to know you, to know what is important to you and what you need from us. We want our community to be interactive, and we want to have fun.
So thank you Barrie for your Birthday wish, for your beautiful heart, your fun loving ways, and for letting me grab onto your shirt tails and join you on this wonderful journey.

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