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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

Ok ladies, how many of you actually sit and watch the Superbowl? I tend to tune in to the commercials, and tune out the game itself. Every year, my hubbie and I bet on the game, he gets to choose his team, and I get to choose the bet. I usually choose something like, wash the cars and clean them out once a month or put the dishes away for 3 months etc. I figure that way if I loose, these are things I do anyway, so it's not really a loss on my part right? We have not decided on the actual bet this year, but I do get to take the New Orleans Saints for my team, so root root root for the Saints so what ever the bet is I win!!
I am going to work in my craft room during the game, with my own plate of the Game Day food, a hazelnut latte, and of course I will have the game on in there so I can watch the commercials.
What are you doing for the day? Are you having or going to a party? Did you prepare a special Superbowl dish? If you did make something special, we would love for you to share it with us as I know I can never get enough recipes to try.
Did you all see the new charms that we listed on the website? I have yet to receive my bag of them, but Barrie assures me they will get put in the mail this coming week and I can not wait ! I love adding charms to my mini books, and this bag looks like it has a charm for each and every theme that you can think of. I have a little mini book that I made out of the Sizzix Bigz XL Die (sold in the store) And I also made a memo holder out of it as well, and the bear charm fit just right with the Mini baby book.. have a look

I have so many Ideas for this diecut, and I know that I am going to make one of these for each of the Mom's in my family for mothers day. I will actually add a picure of each of them with their families on the inside cover to personalize it, and to make it special. With this die, or die cut, you can sure use up some of those scraps you have laying around, and I will be cutting out some of the memo holders and selling them in the store pre cut, and ready to decorate!! They are cut from chipboard, and all you have to do to cover it,is to trace it onto your paper. and then cut it out. I did spray the inside of the Memo Holder with some tattered angels, and I must say, the chipboard is beautiful when sprayed. We have ordered in some of the new Maya Road Spray, and we can't wait for it to come in so we can play with it. We were blown away by its vivid colors, and the clear glimmer made my heart go pitter patter!!
Anyway, This is what I worked on yesterday, I hope you like it, and look for the dies in the store, or the chipboard pre cut diescuts there later in the week too.
Have a great day, enjoy the game, or not, but whatever you do today we hope you are as blessed as we are !


  1. Cute project!! Thanks for sharing!

    Congrats on the Saints winning!! What did the bet end up becoming?

  2. Ok, The bet was, if he won, he could buy the new saw for his shop... and if I won, I got to spend that same amount on tools for my shop... so, guess what is sitting in our spare room?? HIS SAW ! I will still get to get my tools, but I assure you that we will all benefit from his saw when we get him going on the projects we want him to do for the store !!