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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Memories by Margaret Ann Moffat

I Love having photos surrounding me, especially if I have goofy ones they make me smile lol, also helps my prayer life cause every time I pass one I say a wee prayer.
So made a photo frame a) for photos and b) for a prayer list as well (well the memory bit is getting a bit dodgy rofl).  These frames are so adaptable. You can call it a remembrance list if you wish instead of a prayer list.
Nice and easy, can be adapted to any size of photograph. I did this for a 4” x 6” photograph but have made it bigger for folks or smaller for the likes of me who mucks up a photo and needs to crop a wee fuzzy bit out doh.T
Paper of choice in this instance I used Prima Princess (such a yummy paper)
Embellishments – for this one I made a Tree of Life Pendant but you can add charms or whatever to it if you like, or not lol.   Ooooh Prima flower dies would be sooo yummy here, mutters where did I put them.
Gilding flakes/wax would go perfect around the frame hee hee but decided I wanted restraint. (must be something wrong with me whot no gilding wax!!!!!!)
The beauty of this is you can do whatever you want – get the kiddiwinkles to draw on it and then put a picture of them in it.
Ooooh or make a chalkboard centre and use it to keep them amused in the car. Only mess is chalk marks on the interior – easy clean up lol.

I make these as hostess gifts.  In Scotland it is a given that you bring the hostess something even if it is a wee packet of biscuits.  Stems from the highland days of poverty, you dont take food from someone and leave them hungry so you brought food, clothing something with you to share.

cropped 1
simple and elegant was asked for, so I did lol
was really hard for me not to add gilding flakes or wav lol


Made a Tree of Life to suit the person and the photograph being included
(my first jewellery piece, chuffed to the knickers I am on how it came out,
watch out stickpins got me a new love rofl)

the beauty of this frame is you can customise it to suit any photo

For the sentiment
At the top added one of the spellbinders Fancy Tag dies
Left it blank for the recipient to add there title.
You can put this at the bottom if you wish or anywhere.

Have fun, these are so easy to make its the paper and embellishments that take the time to choose lol
Tutorial can be found here


  1. I love this! You make such lovely items Margaret Ann, thank you for sharing and inspiring! Will have to get work now :-)