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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Handy Holders Part 4 by Wendy Kats

Oh my I can't believe a week has past already!
Looks like I need to win the lottery so I can stop working and craft full time hehe ;)

Let's get started on part 4 of this series and for me personally this one is a lifesaver. My mornings are just chaos...get up shift in fifth gear to be ready on time to go drop of my son at my parents before work. So here you you are...all packed and ready to go.....oh boy where are my keys?

This holder will keep me from the blind panic I have at least three times a week just before I have to step out the door to go to work. Oh and I am convinced that my car keys and house keys take turns in doing this to me just for fun! If i didn't know better I would start to believe in gremlins and goblins.

This holder will help me to keep at bit of the sanity I have left safe ;)
Only one more thing to do ...where am I going to place it? Hmmmm next to the front door.... or in the the living room....or even in front of me at my scrapdesk? I will find a good spot at one point :) Now if you think you are in desperate need of one of these you can find the supply list and the link to the tutorial at the end of this post.

I hope to see you again next week for the last holder in this series and until then.....stay safe and scrap on!! Ohh almost forgot... if you have any questions just buzz me on facebook or trough my blog :)