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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Frankenstein's Diary by Wendy Kats

For as long as I can remember I loved creepy, scary stories, and Frankenstein has always fascinated me.To me Frankenstein has always been this gentle giant that got judged because of what he looked like and not by what could be found in his heart.
I know hes not real, but just for a minute let your imagination take you to a place where he is just your average monster.....
I can picture Mr Frankenstein living with his lovely creepy wife and two kids just south of Creepvile in a charmingly spooky Manor ate the end of Reaperlane....
The children are all jumpy because it's almost Halloween. Mr Frankenstein is planning the best route he and the children will walk when they go out for trick or treat. They both decided to go as a horrible ballerina ( yes they are twin girls) and are having a discussion about what is is the better treat....frog legs or bat wings. Mrs Frankenstein looks at this picture with a smile on her face while working on the album that will hold the family pictures of this year...

When the Eerie Tale from Graphic 45 came out I just knew my brain would come up with something fun...Okay i will admit that the first two ideas ended up in the bin but I think i got a great project in the end..

For this album I wanted something different but it still needed to be fun. It had been a while since I used paper bags so that became my starting point. I messed around with them for a while before it reached the final stage. In my imagination Mrs Frankenstein created this album and therefore it gave me the excuse to use the flowers from the collection and some of the burlap flowers from Petaloo

When I finished the accordion style pages I discovered a small problem....when you unfold the pages it all looked good.....but once i wanted to fold up the pages i noticed the flaps would get in the way....POCKETS! They where the solution to the problem. They give me the opportunity to use tags to hold the flaps closed.

These extra tags and pockets also gave me extra room to use a bit more of the cute chipboard pieces that come with this collection. Inside the bags you will have enough room for two large tags that will give you extra room for more pictures.

Halloween has a special place in y heart and it triggers my imagination like no other holiday does. I hope you will have the same fun making this album as I had and of course you can always buzz me on facebook or trough my blog if you have any questions. The link to the tutorial you will find at the end of this post and on my blog.

For now i say.....let your imagination flow and scrap on...