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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Handy Holders Part 5 by Wendy Kats

Week 5....I can't believe that today will be the last post of the Handy Holders.
We started with the coins, followed by the bills, then came mail and last week we found the keys. This last holder is very simple and fun to make, and actually makes a great gift that people will use, because almost everybody makes a list for their groceries.

Grocery lists and I are not good friends because whenever I write one it vanishes in the Bermuda triangle called my scrapdesk or I leave it on my desk at work cause I'm in a hurry to get home.
This holder will end up on the wall next to the fridge so I will use it!! Oh before I forget I have a little tip that is not in the a few magnets on the back of the tag before you stick the pattern paper down...this way you can stick it to the fridge :)

Thank you all very much for hanging in there during this series. The supply list and the link for the tutorial will be at the end of the post. You can buzz me on facebook or trough my blog if you have any questions. Right now I'm going to play with more paper for a Christmas project....I know I'm early but this way there is a slight chance I will get my cards done as well.

Stay safe...scrap on and join us on the dark side we have ribbon ;)

Hugs, Wendy

Supply List


  1. Fantastic i definitely need one of those

  2. I have so enjoyed your series Wendy! You have inspired me to get off my duff and get some things made! :-D