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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Quilted pattern tutorial

Hello Crafters! Dawn here again. Remember the tutorial I promised? Here's how simple and easy it is to create!
I used the Martha stewart scorboard and envelope triangle assessory stored in the under-side of the board.
For instructional and turorial purposes I'm using plain white cardstock and marking with pencil so you can see the steps easier. I just grabbed a scrap from my desk which measures 4 1/8"x11". This will work with any size paper you will only have to adjust your grid size/ scor distances.

Step 1: align your paper with the edge touching both the triangle piece and left edge of the board.
I scored at each 1,2,3,4,5 inch mark. You could scor at smaller or larger sequins depending on the size of grid you want.
Step 2 : rotate your paper and line up your edge with the triangle again and your last scor mark at the 6" line. Scor down the remaining portion of the paper.
Step 3: flipping your paper over with previous scoring now at a horizontal position repeat steps 1 & 2 on the backside.
This will complete the quilted pattern!
I told you it was EASY! 
Tip: if you want all the scor marks to be raised on the same side you can rotate your paper to line up with the grooves on the board and re-scor the first side lines. This is tricky as you have to be sure it is straight. An easy way to ensure this is just use the final grove on the right side of the board.
Now for the rose technique I used on the same layout!
There are many flower punches available to create your own roses this is just 1 possibility.
Using my 5 petal flower punch I started with 4 pieces.
The base petal I left original other than using my emboss tool by rolling on a mouse pad to soften the paper and break the fibers . The next petal is the same as base flower but I then rolled back the tips slightly using my slotted quilling pen.
the 2nd petal I snipped between the petals slightly. (about 1/8 inch on this size flower) Using my emboss tool I rolled my flower on my mat till it cupped up around my pen then curled the tips back. The center flower is the same as the 2nd but I pulled in 3 of the petals to create a triangle and pulled back the others slightly.
I glued with just a small dab in the centers of each flower off-setting the petals so I could still shape the petals once assembled.
I snipped off a pearl from some trim I had laying on my desk and the rose was complete.

Thanks for stopping by once again and I hope you all
Have a Happy Crafty Day!
Dawn / Scrapadabadoo!


  1. Great tutorial! Love the flower, too! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugz, Z

  2. fab tutorial...luv'd the tip for the petals.....making the flower more life like.....