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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Little Poem From Racho0133

Altered Poem from Racho0133 work
It started with a shoebox
Some bits of card & glue
But then I saw the latest hauls
I needed charms and buttons too

It started with a shoebox
And then it lost its top
As new supplies grew some more
With each new Ebay bid

It started with a shoebox
Extending to a shelf
My family sighed and shook their heads
At my deteriorating wealth
I then saw Laura and Scrapadabadoo
They got me hooked
And so Barrie and Carol
Gilders Paste will just have to do

It started with a shoebox
That spilled onto the floor
I need to use the spare room
Because of course I need some more

The spare room now needs storage
A place for brushes, paint and ink
And perhaps it isn’t ideal
To use the kitchen sink

And so, I start my projects
But just haven’t got the things
To finish up my latest tag
I NEED those grungeboard wings!

It’s hardly worth the shipping
I need to make a list
And so I add some stickles
And the latest glimmer mist

Then of course I check the price
Of Scrapadabadoo’s whats new
Oh look, I never saw before….!!!
oh my, my collection just grew

The postie brings another parcel
Dabbers & sparkly things
But I’ll have to shop again tonight
I forgot the blessed wings!!!

I buy another from their shop
I do deserve a treat
Adding up the cart I ask
Do I really need to eat?

I need another paper set
Perhaps another Ranger spray….
But look I found an offer
7 Gypsies Printers Tray!

Now tell me in all honesty
Can you pass the gilders paste?
All that lovely colour
Never goes to waste

I’m kind of stuck on what to do
So I watch a Laura class
I knew I needed something else
To make my mojo sass

There’s a craze for making album boxes
I NEED to try them out
A trip to Scrapadabadoo should be
Enough to sort me out

I know I need all my stash
And ten of everything
What if it was discontinued?
I’d be mad I’d waited then…

It started with a shoebox
But I needed more and more
The spare room floor might fall right through
And I’ll never shut that door!!

So, what happened to that little box?
I know you’ll want to ask
Well I thought I didn’t need it
But altered shoebox –it’s my next task!!


  1. Many of us know darn well,
    Just how Rach’s story ends.
    With Scrapadabadoo,
    And watching Laura too…
    We soon become just a gang,
    A society of friends!

    (well done Rach!)

  2. Wonderful poem, that is exactly how my stash grew.

  3. What a clever poem Rach--I just loved it
    Margaret aka Lillybug