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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's in a Bag?

I had the little girl that lives behind me ask me to make her a gift bag for a party she was going to this weekend. I was a "tween" birthday party and she had some jewelry and hair accessories for the gift so my bag dies would cut the perfect size bag. Once I got started ...I got carried away! I wound up keeping this one and made another one for her.

I am of the belief that "too much is never enough". It's hard for me to do something simple. When I got this bag done and showed it to my hubby...he said..."It looks like your store front". I think he's right...

The 3D Flowers came in and they are almost gone. If you want one of these dies you better grab it because they allocated every vendor and when they're gone nobody knows when they will be back. I really think this is my all time favorite die. It is so versatile....I'm always trying to see what I can cut next!

The Flower Layers #5 is back in...the one for the Tim Holtz Rose...Yipee!!! I love that one too. I think I just love flowers...period. That is another fun die to experiment with different materials. See what you can come up with.

I think I am going to go dive into the new BoBunny paper and goodies that Carol just sent my way. Gosh are these gorgeous. I can hardly make up my mind. I know Carol really likes the Petal really love the Peacock Lane. Purple and turquoise just make me all warm and fuzzy....but then again...the Jazmyne is so rich and beautiful....oh I just have to see what "speaks" to me...

Have a wonderful weekend and if you make something you want to show off...please send us a picture so we can post it for everyone to see. I get bored looking at my own stuff...heeheeheee!


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