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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Future Crafter

Today has been a wonderful day spent with my fun loving granddaughter.  She Graduated from  Kindergarten yesterday and is so excited to be going into the first grade and being able to ride the bus to school in the fall.  She had to wear her princess graduation dress over so I could see her in it and of course I had to snap some pictures.  I think she loves the camera as much as I do, she likes to be snapped and I love to do the snappin !!

We also have the love of crafts that we share, and she is so excited when she can come and stay alone, because she knows that is when I will let her have and do what ever she wants with any of my craft supplies. Today I cut out a new Sizzix box die and she spent hours stamping, painting, blinging, and decorating that box. For being only 6, she really has a respect for my tools, and takes very good care of the stamps, the brushes, and even wipes down the table between paint colors. She has already asked me when she can come again and what we will make next time !!!

Do your kids love to play in your scrapbooking, crafting supplies ? We would love to have you share their creations with us !!!
Blessings Carol

1 comment:

  1. As a young little girl, Mom always let me "play" next to her or purchased kiddie kits to make. I remember looming, hook rugs, beads, and ceramics. Now with my mother retired, and unfortunately me unemployed, we take Tuesdays to spend together scrapbooking. It takes us back to things we used to do...and gives us today precious memories. I have 3 grown... so maybe one of these days God will bless me with the treasures you share today on your blog! Thank you Carol for sharing your moment in time:))