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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Topic of Conversation - Exhausted!

By now I think most of us have lost the excitement over the Distress Markers. I know I am tired of hearing the excuses...not to mention  giving each of you a disappointing answer every time you ask about the pesky little things. We can't begin to tell all of you how much we appreciate your patience and understanding in this aggrevating situation...
One of our lovely and talented ladies decided to turn her frustration to creativity and I could not wait to post this for you to read...I think she deserves a huge hug for sharing her true feelings with us.

This was sent to us the other day after Susan Romick emailed and asked if we had any word on the markers. She well understood our frustration and use her energy for something so creative. I hope it helps ease some of your frustration with a giggle!  ENJOY!
Sue wrote...
  What can we, the consumers, do to help you and let Ranger know how we feel?

Maybe I should send them my top ten list of effects of the Ranger Distress Marker shortage.

1. I have gained 10 pounds with the extra food money not spent on Ranger Distress Markers

2. I have lost 10 pounds from constantly checking my mail to see if the Ranger Distress Markers have arrived

3. My grandchildren have learned to share their crayons

4. Even my scrapbooks look thinner in black

5. More money to spend on all things not Ranger

6. The Distress Marker mourning mask I have started wearing makes me look more like the Lone Ranger

7. I changed an item on my Christmas list of wants to read Ranger STinks

8. I have learned to meditate and redirect my rANGER

9. I have more time to do housework, THANKS RANGER!

10. Now I know why the are called DISTRESS markers 
Bravo Sue!
Barrie & Carol                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  1. Good Job Sue! Couldn't have said it better myself. Mary Werner

  2. Kudos! I hope you send this to Ranger.

  3. I just copied and pasted it on Ranger's Facebook page. I didn't put Sue's last name, since I didn't know if she wanted her last name on it. But, I did write her first name. Let's see what others say about it on their FB page!!

    1. Thanks Mary for posting my little bit of humor. I never write anything that I would not want my name on. It always comes back to haunt you if you do.
      Susan Romick (Lady in waiting)

  4. I think she hit it on the head. I am so glad I am not going threw this mess. BUT I think we should all copy and make this into a POSTER so we all remember why not to order from Ranger. Thank you for sharing her E-mail, It made my day.

  5. This was great love it. I don't think I could of worded it any better actually I know I couldn't .
    I loved all of them it was hard to find a favorite. What a great lol thanks for sharing.