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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The New Kitties

Hi All,
I keep promising pictures of the kitties...These little guys have completely stolen my heart. I have some video clips that I will stitch together and put up later. Thank Carol for getting the slide show to go up. It made me crazy trying to get the thing uploaded. What would I do with out her? Big Hug Carol- thanks!
These babies are about 3- 4 weeks old now and they have been eating on their own for three days... of course they have as much on the outside as they get in their bellies. They are so little I had to use a small mayo jar lid to put their food in. I tried a bigger ...wider dish but they stood in it. As it is now they get their front paws in the food and pick it up to lick it off their feet. Oh long as it gets in them...I really don't care how. Thank Heavens for baby wipes!
Hope you enjoy them as much as we do. I am such a proud mama!  Names will be forth-coming... suggestions are welcome.
Bye for now,


  1. awwwwwwwwww i want them they are sooo cute love how the dog is so loving to them.

  2. Soooooo cute. my favorit picture is where your dog is looking at one of the kittens with a worried look.

  3. Absolutley adorable!!! I love the one of the dog laying his head on 2 kittens. Just so sweet. TFS the pics.

  4. Oh the sweet cherubs! What beautiful colors they are. What a treat to get to see them. I love that incredible dog too! Wow what a beautiful face he has. Loved where you were feeding the kitty. So precious. Heres some ideas for names:
    Ahe, Koa, Lani, Lewa, Nohea, Pomaika'i, and Hau`oli.

  5. So, cute and your dog is so good to put up with them.
    Hugz, Z

  6. My suggestions: Eenie, Meenie, Miney, and Mo! Beautiful blue eyes! Love your doggie!


  7. Aaaawww, sssoo darn cute! Love the concern on the dog's face in the one pic and the big old smile in the other one! Like a true loving sibling.
    I think one of them should be named Safyre (such pretty, pretty blue eyes!), then maybe Ole Blue Eyes, Midnight, Scrappy or Scrappydoodle, and maybe Stamper (a play on Scamper).

  8. they are sooo cute, had to send them to my son who is cat/kitty crazy! There is a prgram on Animal planet channel called "so cute" I just got CRS and forgot the day (fri or Sat) 9PM est

    judy king

  9. oh they are so gorgeous - suggestions for names Smudge, Smokie, Pishyn (kitten in Manx), Wisp - Jen x

  10. I've forgotten how adorable kittens are! Soooo cute. As for names - Laura, Kathryn, Jim? Or for "branded" names: Bazzil, Cosmo, Prima and Fancy Pants!
    Congrats on the new family
    Vicki Lee

  11. Oh my!!! They are so sugery sweet babies. Kissies for the kitties.


  12. Such a BIG heart to you!!!! I now how this goes, someone dropped a kitten off 2 years ago and now Tinker is part of the family. My mama cat went out and brought him in, couldn't been a month old? Love the pictures. Please share more when you can.

  13. Oh how cute. You should call at least one of them Fred. :) it's my favourite name. Just ordered some more quick dry adhesive. I don't know where it all goes................
    Big Hugz