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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming up for air

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy packing orders and working on getting everything done.
We are amazed at the number of wonderful people that are ordering from us and we appreciate each and every order we get. We hope we are living up to your expectations !!

We have finally gotten in a couple of things that we ordered at CHA. The Punch bunch punches are here and we ordered them because they are the punches that are used in both of the flower books by Susan Tierney Cockburn. The ones we chose to start with will make some of the best loved flowers and with the instructions in the book they are easy to make and look so beautiful. We will add more of the punches as we go so that you can make every flower imaginable.

We also received the Glitz papers. YIPPIE SKIPPIE!!!  There are three lines, Afternoon Muse, Love Games and Lace With Grace and these are so beautiful and fun. The colors are amazing and the patterns are fun too. Be sure to check them out and let us know what you think of them.

Love Games ( 1 of 6 papers)

Lace With Grace (1 of 6 papers)

Afternoon Muse (1 of 6 papers)

We should be getting in our Ranger order this week and can not wait to get our hands on the new distress stains, and from the questions we have gotten it seems as if there are a lot of you anxiously awaiting them to arrive too. 

 We are finding it hard to keep things in stock as our suppliers are out of so many things when we order and we then have to try and order things from several different companies. Some of what we order we get in rather quickly, but others take a week or more to arrive. Sure wish they were as quick to ship as we are LOL.  We will be increasing the number of things we order as we are finding that our demand is increasing, just hope that our suppliers are able to provide us what we need. Guess this is kinda like having  growing pains, but we are adjusting and  learning along the way. Please be patient with us as we are working hard to get it right.
One of the things I would also like to mention is that I spend Wednesday of each week with my Mom so I do not get any orders packed until I get home from there, but don't let this stop you from ordering on Wednesdays  as I do get them packed and invoiced.
This day is very important to me, as my mother is the most important person in my life (second to my loving husband) and having a day with her each week not only makes me happy, but it delights her too. She is a cancer survivor, and each and every day I have with her is precious to me.
We hope you have a wonderful week and that you are seeing some signs of spring in your neck of the world.
We love ya !!


  1. Make the most of each Wednesday! I save mine up and go home as often as I can for a couple of weeks.....
    You both are doing fine and I think we are all very happy with the service! XXXX
    Was a fairly pleasent sunny afternoon over here!

  2. Ditto to what Steven said. I love the time with my kids...I live for it now. Love you ladies! You are the best.