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Monday, August 3, 2015

Envelope Punch Board File Folders For Weekly Challenge By Margaret Ann Moffat

The lovely Carol asked me to post how I made my file folder so I could join in the Challenge because I did not have one to use

Original tutorial can be seen here

Living in the UK I do not have access to a lot of lovely goodies you US gals have so I have to adapt.

Just as well I have a lateral thinking mind lol.


2 sheets of 8 1/2  x 11 in cardstock (it get it from the lovely Carol and Barrie – ours is A4 size 8 1/4 x 11 3/4”) but can still work with either size.

2 pieces of cardstock 1” by length of your cardstock to make construction strips.

Envelope Punch Board  (EPB) as referred to in instructions


Take two pieces of cardstock. Mark one as Left and one as Right. (Well that way I kept myself right!)

For the left cardstock you need to use the EPB and come up 3 ½ “ and punch. Remove the strip above the punched area using a paper trimmer or a craft knife
Take the right piece of cardstock and punch it 3 ½ “ from the top and remove the strip below the punched area once again using a paper trimmer or craft knife

Construction Strips – (I used two one for the inside and one for the outside – its up to you how many you use)

Score down the middle at ½” place tape either side of score line.


Fold the construction strip back and forth a couple of times giving it a good burnish each time, this will make it easier for folding.

Use the construction strip to join the two cardstocks together (its not a great picture but just to give you an idea)


Score the bottom of the joined cardstock at 4” to make a pocket fold up, I glued the centre and end pieces so the tags

dont fall out.


Follow the instructions from Splitcoaststampers after this.

Step 3
Fold the left side toward the centre until the straight part touches the centre line.
Important: The tabbed portion will overlap the centre line. It's okay!
It should end up lining up like this.
Step 4
Fold right side over to the left side until the "binding" matches up.
It is very important that the binding of the book lines up evenly.
This is how the spine or binding should look.

Step 5

The folder completed and laid out flat ready to embellish.
Notice the farthest right panel is larger than the others. This is how it should be.



1 comment:

  1. This is great Margaret Ann...thanks for the instructions!