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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cosmic Shimmer

Hi Folks, how are you.  I had a pot of that yummilicious Cosmic Shimmer Sparkle Paste the gals at Scrapadabadoo brought into their store just had to show it off.  Oooh they have lots of yummy colours hmmm wonder if I got the lot would I use it, silly question, of course Christmas is a coming.  It is soooooooo goregous.  It is very elegant in its shimmer, not coarse at all.  Of course I now want the other colours lol.   Of course, have to add it to the gilders paste and gilding flakes.  I am a regular magpie, if it shimmers, shines, glints me want it NOW.

I treat it like a texture paste.  Dived into my stash of stencils both metal and mylar, ooooh fun fun fun.  Ok calm down, er is that possible hey Wendy is it possible.

So using something to spread it with hmmm where is my metal piece I huckled from the garage, rats can’t find it, (er think me brother took it back lol baaaad) oooh a piece of chipboard, no, aaaah a ruler yep.  Ok need masking tape (painters tape) or something to hold the stencil down with.  Now taping the stencil down there is a way to do it so you don’t get your knickers in a fankle.

First tape the top piece down.
Then the sides
then the bottom.
when removing the tape you do it in reverse, more of that further on.
Ok you need to put a laarge glob of paste onto the top of the stencil, just above where it will start.  Don’t worry the excess will be scraped into the pot.   Oooh before I forget, get wipes out and also some warm soapy water in a container for the stencils to keep em soft until you get them cleaned.  By the way the glitter sticks to your sink, just saying mind.


Take your spreading implement and holding it at 45 degree angle move it down the stencil, don’t be tempted to go back over it it will ooze under the stencil.  Put the excess in the pot.  Okies there are a few holes where it needs more.  Repeat as before, glob at top of stencil and drag it down.  Don’t do this more than twice, it has a tendency to get under the stencil if you do it more than that.
You can use a spatula which I do use for certain bits but when I do a whole stencil I do the glob and drag.
P9260045 P9260047
remove tape, bottom piece first.  Some advice, treat it like a baby with food, it gets everywhere.  You will find glitter where no glitter should go lol.
Then remove the sides.  Lift up the stencil from the bottom, if there are areas needing more, you now can place the stencil back down in exactly the same place cause you have nae taken the top bit off.  If you have, forget it sorry.
Clean stencil, but I put it in the soapy water until I get round to it.  Cause I usually grab more stencils and play.
Leave it to dry – can I say that again leave it to dry – cause it smudges well.  At least 1 hour, more if it is really thickly spread.   You can heat set it but it will bubble up.  I have a cold air fan that I put them under.

Another way, is to glob it onto some cardstock – I used Neenah, its bril.  I use this when dry to cut out shapes.  Want to use the Alterations Stockings die and it would be fab for the heel, toe and top of the stocking.
Hmmm use it as an underlay, oooh more ideas hee hee.
Ooooooooooooh stickpins, dipped the pearl headed stick pins corsage pins into the pot wow they came out fab.  Can’t wait for the rest of the colours to arrive to play.

When made up they look like

For this one, I masked off all but the edges of the stencil and used a spatula to glob and drag.
Dived into my stash for gold mirri cardstock, and some neenah cardstock, die cut and embossed the circle, and the tag, stamped a greeting.  Cut out the centre of the cardstock with the paste on it to make a window and started putting it together.

Made another card, again masked off what I didn’t want to use, loved the branches and birdies.  Next time, will put the birdies in another colour,  Stick some masking tape over them, do the rest, let it dry, re apply the stencil and put another colour on, ooooor you can use your spatula to place the colours.  Be careful not to do too much at one time, it will mix the pastes and you will contaminate your pot, so get another one handy for a general mix up one.

oooh me santa tag, nearly forgot, here it is

Ok, the oopsies, what do you do when you have an oopsie, and to be honest I do have them.  Well I scrapped the oopsie bit off, let it dry and used it for the bi-weekly challenge on FB with scrapadabadoo crafts.

ssshhhh dont tell eh.

hmmm need a bow on the matchbook, ok off the get my fngers knotted with ribbon.

By the way, the holly piece I did, making a box, it is going on the lid.  Will show it when I work out the dimensions I need.


  1. Lovely projects. I think the glitter paste is awesome. You can never have too much glitter. lol

  2. Love the Glitter...a must try...Thank for sharing...

  3. This is just fabulous MA...I always love your tutorials so much.

  4. These are so pretty!!! I think that shimmer paste would be great on a scrap page! I need to check the colors. I also wonder if Wink of Stella would work on the paste too. Hmmm