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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Use your Stash 2 - Pen/Pencil/Tool Pot - Margaret Ann Moffat

Another kiddiewinkles project (even adults can make these too lol) I had a devil of a time keeping pencils/pens on my desk they always went into hiding.  I then ordered the Canning Jar die cuts and fell in love with them.  So much so I got my hands on the Sizzix Canning Jar die and went nuts on it lol.  As a result I made holders for pens, pencils, tools, even little stamps.  Love it, I even made a box that holds 5 of them to keep them tidy on my desk.

As much as I have paper and cardstock on my desk , dont really have anything I can write a wee note onto so I made a pocket on the back of the holder so I can make wee notes and keep them in the pocket, now all I have to do is remember they are there lol.

I used the little jar that is on the Sizzix Canning Jar die for the notes.

I have a pattern for this on my blog.

Have fun with this, I made it with scraps patterned paper, but the bairns (kids) can draw, colour whatever and put it on theirs.


  1. LOL .... I have that project.

  2. Love it MA....may have thing about getting this die!

  3. Great project! Thanks for sharing!!!