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Monday, May 21, 2012

Instructions For Margaret Ann's Wee Book For Holding Our Thank You cards

A few weeks back I posted pictures of a darling little mini that Margaret Ann (aka heavenlymam on the chat) made to hold and display all of the Thank You cards Carol makes and puts in every order that goes out.. This little book is fast and easy ...and you can make four pages at once by folding 1 sheet of paper. The pockets are the perfect size to hold one of our little Thank You cards.
Margaret Ann uses a A4 size paper in her instructions A4 = 8.25 x11.75. I used standard 8.5 x 11 and eliminated the fold at the top and it turned out nicely as well

I will post the instructions from Margaret Ann below and after that I will show you pics of what I did and the slight changes to the instructions.

Have fun and let us see what you come up with....

 Margaret Ann used an A4 size paper...double or single - sided
Score at 2 3/8" from each end (landscape)

Fold corners into just short of score line. Don't fold all the way to score line...leave a little room so
 it will fold easily along score.

Fold flaps in and turn piece over

Fold up 1/4" from each end. You can score first for easier folding
Fold bottom edge up to top and insert corners into the little corner pockets

Fold in half ...L to R. She folded the side with the corner pockets to the inside.  It makes 4 side with 1pocket each
Make as you need , punch holes with Crop-a-dile and tie with ribbon .

  I made this one with double sided paper cut to 8.5 x 11"
I followed the first two steps but omitted the 1/4" fold on each end and put Scor Tape along the top and side edges on one of the back of the kittens helped.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
I folded the bottom up and then folded L to R **Fold first then carefully remove the tape backing from top first-starting at center crease. Keeping piece folded...slowly ease pieces together as you remove the backing.This will allow paper to shift as you are folding and it will lay flat. This step is a little tricky but do not stick it together before you fold it. If you do you will have a lot of bulk in the middle that won't lay flat and neatly.
As you can see I eliminated the top 1/4" fold. I used a double-sided paper that is thicker than the single sided that Margaret Ann used  and it made the 1/4" fold and corner pockets very bulky and uneven looking. It works great with thinner papers. I would not recommend heavy cardstock.                                                                                                                                                                                  
Give Margaret Ann a big THANKS for this easy to make, nifty little book that, as you can see, holds our Thank You cards perfectly. AND...a BIG HUG to Carol for sharing her talent (and love) with us all.

Try this quick and easy project and send us a picture of yours. You could make a cute mini for someone in an hour. Put a few favorite picture or mementos and someone will love you for it.

Have fun,
Barrie & Carol
(& Masquette the kitty)


  1. Hi Margaret Ann

    Thank you for making this cute little mini to hold the so very cute Thank you cards from Barrie and Carol.
    I will make one of your minis today. I like the open side, it will hold a thicker note card.
    Thank you Barrie and Carol for the lovely notes and for posting Margaret Anns cute mimi.
    I like the new additions to your home, they are so cute. When does the Scrapadabadoo Rescue open?
    Thank you
    Margaret Ann

  2. OMG!!! I just now saw this. Where have I been!!! This looks easy and perfect for Carol's Than You notes!!! Thank you Heavenly!!!