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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Busy As Beavers!!

Sunday I was blessed to be able to meet Laura and her mom. We had some Steampunk papers for her, and since we were on our way south we decided to meet up and hand the paper off rather than shipping it.  We only had a few minutes to chat, which was not long enough, but at least now we have met, and yes she is as adorable in person as she is on Ustream!!!  I think Laura is also going to have the chance to meet up with Zelda (Joy) her wonderful moderator this week as well ! I hope they get pictures and post them hint hint..

We are so excited to be working with her, and getting to know her followers. I think Laura is excited to have a place to send her customers for the supplies that she uses, and she knows that customer service is our top priority for us too. We thank you all for your support.
Barrie has been very busy keeping up with all the ordering and finding the products that people have requested that we carry. She spends hours working on orders, finding the unusual items, working with the suppliers and all that it takes to make sure we are prepared for what is coming up in the next few weeks. I know she just put in a new order for some awesome new colors of envelopes and she did find the dauber containers and they are on their way too!! Barrie rocks and I love working with this lady with the heart of gold !!
I have been busy getting my dedicated Store/shipping room set up and that has been a process. This room started out to be my hubbies fishing room/man cave, but we have built him a shop and now he has a new place for all of his boy toys and I have a room for all of the store items and it is now organized and I am able to find things in a blink of an eye !!

We have so many new things on order,  and I do have room for it all !!
Keep an eye on the store for all the whats new items that will be added this week. We
have all the circle punches that Laura will be using in her Train Books on order and they should arrive today and tomorrow so they will be available in time for her show on Friday!!
We once again want to thank each and every one of you, you keep us going and we are truly blessed!!
Take care, and find some one who needs a smile and give them one of yours !!!


  1. You all are the best! I am so glad to get to see you and your space. See you Friday! Deanna

  2. Loved seeing your "store" room. One negative about the online shop is that the consumer can't just stare at a wall of embellishments or punches for inspiration. Your picture made me what to do some shopping!

  3. You guys are the best! I'm so happy to see a picture to you, Carol and Laura together. Love your store! Looking at the picture makes me want to walk around with a shopping cart. lo

  4. Wow, your store looks fabulous! So many goodies!!