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Friday, April 3, 2015

Mother's Day Magic and Father's Day Fun by Wendy Kats

Mother’s Day Magic and Father’s Day Fun

Each year I have the same problem. What to get for mothers day and fathers day this year?
A big bouquet of roses, a box of chocolates or a photo of the grand kids for mom? A pair of socks or a bottle of wine for dad?
They will love anything I give them but why not do something different this year.
How about a nice lunch with just your mom or a day of helping your dad in the garden….take your mom shopping and go for a coffee with cake or help your dad wash the car….

We all love our parents and would do anything for them why not give them something every month?
For just this reason I have made coupon books filled with coupons for redemption each month of the year from now till next year …where you can simply refill the book with more coupons

These booklets are easy to make and I didn’t have to much trouble finding the perfect papers. For the mom version I used Fabscraps Industrial Chic and the Gentleman'sClub from Fabcraps was perfect for the dad version.
The base pages are very simple made out of A10 ( policy) envelopes.

They will both have their own booklet filled with a total of 12 coupons…one for each month and you can decide yourself what each coupon stands for. And the best thing is you can refill with new coupons once the year is passed.

And be honest, what is two days in a month to spent time with one of your parents?
I am still blessed to have both of them and now that they are getting older I feel the need to spend more time with them.
You can purchase your copy of this tutorial at
Mother's Day & Father's Day Tutorial
The Tutorial also comes with the adorable coupon down load created by Jani Lewis. You will receive two E Mails, one from me, Wendy for the written tutorial, and one from Jani with the printable coupons.

I hope you will have as much fun making them as I had and I am sure it will be the best gift you can give this year!

Scrap on…stay safe and get messy ;)



  1. What a wonderful idea. I think that it is a very special gift to give to your parents and something they will enjoy all year round. Spending time with their daughter or son. I just wished both of my parents were still with me so I could do this one for them. :) I will have to talk to my grandson and see if he would like to make one with my help for his mother.

  2. Beautiful Idea and amazing realization, I love that.
    Hugs Anja