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Thursday, February 5, 2015

12 months of love by Wendy Kats

Valentine's Day is around the corner....that day of the year you tell your loved one you love them with all your heart. I always felt like it shouldn't be just one day a year to do something special with the one you love, so I came up with a fun project to make sure you have 12 special days of quality time with the one you love.....

For this project I used the Time to flourish from Graphic 45 and a total of 14 chipboard hearts.
Ohhh you will need 12 little tags as well but i will explain that in a bit.
My idea is very simple....spent at least one day a month together....just you and your loved work, no kids, no phone...nothing but each other. How? i can hear you think well let me show you.

I used the 8x8 pad for the hearts. I covered both front and back and added some of the cut apart as well. As you can see I punched a little hole and attached a small tag to it ...I came up with 12 different activities and wrote them on the back of the tag. So a picnic in the park, or make a bonfire and roast marshmallows, a night at the movies etc.
This is the result of all the months....I think I did well ...

In the begining I mentioned a total of 14 hearts and there is a reason for it. As much as I liked the box corners, the hinges and the cute closure...there was something missing. It took me a while to figure out what it was but it just hit me......initials!!! I wanted the box to be as special as the hearts inside so....

I attached two hearts on top of the box ( I actually had a clear moment and covered both sides as they stick out and you can see the back when you open the lid) and used some chipboard letters for the initials, added some flowers and couldn't stop smiling at the result.
The Tutorial for this project can be found in Scrapadabadoo store HERE

I know this is not the typical project for your photo's but I think with this box you will make plenty of memories and pictures that need an album.

For now I say scrap on, love the people close to you and tell them more often they mean the world to you.


1 comment:

  1. Oh!!!! I like this ...the box is beautiful and the hearts is a fabulous and different take...luv it!!!!